Looking for a job

The Arc of Delaware Employment program is special because we help you find a job you like.  And keep it.

Working with state agencies and other groups, we blend job training with health and safety support to help make sure your employment is successful. Private pay services are available if you do not qualify for state funding.

Job Readiness
  • Help you create a professional resume
  • Coach you on appropriate work attitudes, hygiene, and behavior
  • Conduct mock interviews with a dress rehearsal. This helps you understand what to expect during an interview, and lets you practice the best way to present yourself for success.
Job Placement
  • Develop a job within your community based on your career interest and skill level
  • Secure an interview for you
  • Support you throughout the interview process
Job Coaching
  • Help you improve or develop skills that meet your employer’s needs
  • Coach you on work schedule procedures and time management
  • Encourage understanding and natural support from your work associates
Long Term Support
  • Ensure job stability through frequent employer and employee communication.
  • Help resolve problems quickly though prompt and early response
  • Stay involved through continuing job support


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