Independent home options

I need a housemate/roommate.

Many people with disabilities are searching for suitable roommates or housemates to move into their house or apartment to help with the rent or mortgage payment. Others are looking for rooms to rent as an affordable housing option. Contact us for assistance with your search.

I want to rent an apartment.

Many people with disabilities live with family or friends, or in group homes, and would like to see if renting an apartment might work for them. We help look at their income, budget, credit and special needs to see if renting is the right choice at this time. More info…

I want to buy my first house.

Homeownership is a dream for most Americans and we can help you to see if this is a dream that you can make come true. Many programs are available to assist and we can connect you to these resources.More info…

I want to sell my house.

Resources on connecting with real estate agents and other listing sources. Also, help to decide where you will live next. More info…

I want to refinance my house.

Is this a smart move at this time? Can I get a better interest rate? Help with the questions you need to ask before you take this big step. More info…

Please use the Contact Us form for private answers to your questions on independent home options.

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