Buying a house or condo is a big responsbility, and you need to receive sound advice as you make your decision. Your first step should be to contact one of the HUD-approved Housing counseling services to set up an appointment.

The housing counselor will check your credit, review your income and tell you how much you can afford to spend on a house based on your own budget. This is very important to make sure lenders pre-qualify you for a mortgage amount that you will be comfortable with. It’s not good to move into a house where paying the mortgage every month does not leave enough money to meet your other bills.

The housing counselor will also be able to tell you about special first-time home buyer programs, such as discounted mortgage rates, downpayment help and settlement assistance. Housing counselors often provide services for new homebuyers, such as training in basic home repair and maintenance, creating a new budget once you move in, and help if you have trouble paying your mortgage.

Another resource to check for information on becoming a homebuyer is the Delaware State Housing Authority web site.

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