Legislative Priorities

2014 Top Legislative Priorities

The Arc of Delaware, a statewide advocacy group for citizens with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD), urges the Delaware General Assembly to take the following actions this year:

1. Address the significant ($37.25MM) funding deficit to service provider agencies in SFY2015

  • The press has recently reported several incidents of harm to persons with I/DD in Delaware by their caregivers. We are extremely concerned about the safety and health of our most vulnerable citizens. If this funding deficit is not corrected, we believe more harmful incidents will occur.
  • Provider agencies must be able to attract and retain capable and qualified caregivers, give them appropriate training, and pay them a living wage.
  • The living arrangements operated by provider agencies must be consistently and effectively monitored for safety, compliance and quality.
  • Of the $37.25MM needed to reach benchmark rates, Medicaid would cover half, reducing state appropriations to $18.1MM.

2. Approve the new Family Support Waiver for SFY2016

  • Many families who care for individuals with I/DD at home struggle with enormous strains on time and finances, while saving the state significant costs of caring for them elsewhere.
  • These families may need occasional or ongoing supportive services covered by the waiver.
  • This waiver provides matching federal funds for every state dollar spent.

3. Support “Employment First” efforts

  • All citizens with I/DD should be able to make informed choices about their careers, and have the resources to seek, obtain and be successful in community employment.
  • Incentives are needed to encourage businesses to recruit, hire and maintain persons with diverse intellectual abilities for competitive position.
  • Improve non-competitive employment programs and ensure the opportunity to transition into more integrated and/or competitive workplaces.

Access a full color handout here.

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